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RNLI, St Ives, UK

Project Brief

The RNLI stands as a charitable organisation committed to preserving lives at sea. Operating predominantly through generous donations, their search and rescue service has played a pivotal role in life-saving efforts for almost two centuries. The RNLI depends on the unwavering commitment of numerous volunteers who selflessly contribute to the operation of their life-saving services. Functioning autonomously from the coastguard and free from government ties, the RNLI operates as a singularly focused charity with a singular mission – to save every life.


The RNLI St Ives shop, located on the picturesque Cornish coastline, has long been a hub for those supporting the life-saving efforts of the RNLI. Now, with Illuma's innovative lighting solutions, the shop not only continues to serve its vital purpose but also enhances the overall shopping experience for visitors.




Illuma was tasked with creating a lighting proposal that captured the essence and adaptability of the RNLI. Through meticulous planning, Illuma aimed to deliver a lighting solution that not only met but exceeded expectations, enhancing the overall atmosphere and functionality of the space while staying true to the RNLI's mission and values.


Completed Installation
3D Render

3D Render

Completed Installation


 Laura Scott, who has previously engaged with Illuma, particularly our lighting sales executive, Dan Crockett, for other retail installations, shifted focus to illuminate the RNLI St Ives shop. Laura approached Dan with a specific vision, aiming for a harmonious balance of flexibility and a distinctive identity within the store. Opting for the warm white Prospots featuring a high CRI, Laura's choice proved astute in brightening the entire space, effectively embodying the desired identity of the RNLI.



Illuma's Prospots not only brought a renewed aesthetic but also elevated the overall ambiance, accentuating the vibrant array of colours within the shop. Now as visitors step into the RNLI St Ives shop, they are now greeted by a warm and well-lit environment which serves as a shining example of how innovative lighting solutions can transform spaces and contribute to a positive and impactful shopping experience.







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