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We build and maintain strong relationships by supporting our clients at every stage.

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Our in-house design and product development teams are dedicated to maintaining quality throughout our operations. This commitment is evident from the sourcing of the latest and highest quality materials to the design of the most innovative and award-winning products in the industry.

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At Illuma, we merge technical expertise with a deep understanding of how light can enhance and influence the ambience of a space. Our unwavering commitment to quality ensures that we never settle for anything less than excellence. Through our meticulous and precise design work, we provide our customers with a tangible sense of what they can achieve with Illuma.

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Illuma, offers exceptional levels of service. We strive to ensure that all bestselling products are always in stock, with over 95% of all SKUs stocked at around 10 weeks' inventory level. This allows us to dispatch over 80% of orders complete on the same day that they are received. The remaining 20% are dispatched within 10 days, or in the case of special products, within the quoted lead time.

Through investments in research and development, manufacturing, distribution, human capital, and training, Illuma is well positioned to respond to the changing needs of our marketplace.

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Our technical expertise is backed by Illuma's team of experienced Lighting Designers who are LIA qualified. They use the latest lighting calculation and design software to provide clients with a comprehensive and complete lighting design proposal, free of charge. Illuma adheres to agreed application guidelines, reports, and architect/site layouts, while creating dynamic and intelligent lighting designs that maximise the impact and efficiency of our products.

Unique lighting solutions require a unique team with the technical knowledge to drive our business forward and source better solutions for the increasingly demanding environments and market conditions around the world.

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Illuma is committed to equal opportunities. As an employer, we strive to create a challenging working environment in which personal fulfilment, job satisfaction, and continuous quality improvement are actively pursued by all staff.

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Sustainabilityis a key consideration for Illuma, as we are mindful of the potential impact that our business activities could have on the global environment. To minimise this impact, we use recyclable materials wherever possible and work in partnership with our subcontractors and external suppliers to reduce our environmental footprint. In addition to complying with the guidelines of WEEE, EuP, REACH and RoHS, we also explore the latest technologies to make our products more energy-efficient and reduce their carbon emissions.

Illuma is proud to be a member of Ecosurety, the UK's leading producer responsibility compliance scheme that is making a positive contribution to recycling in the country.

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Our support section provide an in-depth knowledge bank of all our products and the latest support articles.

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