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Pets Corner, UK

Project Brief

Pets Corner is an ethical pet care specialist, with 150 stores across the UK. Its main area of business is selling natural pet foods, accessories and treatments predominantly for dogs and cats, but also for small animals, reptiles, birds, wildlife, and tropical and cold-water fish.

Pets Corner was founded in 1968 when Mark and Sandra Richmond opened a small pet shop in Haywards Heath, UK. Coming from a farming background, they took their knowledge and love of animals, and turned the first Pets Corner into a local hub for animal lovers.

In the 70s the pet market evolved which saw Pets Corner move to a slightly bigger store to facilitate more stock and offer a greater level of service. In 1983 the family began to expand and opened their second Pets Corner store in Hove, UK, the first outside of their Haywards Heath home.
In 1992 Pets Corner opened their third store in Brighton, UK. This store was a new concept of operating for Pets Corner as it was a concession located within a garden centre. The Brighton store still remains a concession today and recently underwent a huge refurbishment like many other stores.




The opportunity arose for Illuma to redesign the lighting at Pets Corner for their new and refurbished stores by providing a lighting solution to compliment the different product types found across all areas of the stores. The brief was to provide a complete and comprehensive lighting proposal that would not only provide general lighting and compliment the high-end feel of the new stores but allow the necessary flexibility to accommodate an ever-changing retail environment. Illuma also felt it was necessary to increase the store's existing lux levels on displays and merchandise.


Illuma used a combination of Gridspot LED spotlights on a 3-Circuit 230V suspended tack system to increase the lux levels in the Brighton space. Most of the light was focused solely on the merchandise to create highlights and contrast in the store.



A track system was the preferred solution due to several ceiling complications and to provide as much flexibility as possible, so the store's lighting could cope with the ever-changing retail environment. A mixture of warm and neutral white luminaries were used to emphasise and accentuate the stores various departments and to enhance the colourful merchandise.


Black 3-Circuit 230V Gridspot LED spotlights were used across the store on suspended black track to blend in with the stores black ceiling scheme and to provide a flexible solution throughout by highlighting the different zones.



Pets Corner said, “Our projects are sometimes very quick to happen and Illuma have always serviced our short timescales on time, every time. We have worked with Illuma for a number of years now and continue to receive excellent service”

Illuma's National Retail Manager, Robert Chesterfield, said, “Our main objective with this lighting design was to provide a simple but effective solution that would meet all the client's requirements. All our Pets Corner projects are centred around providing a low energy and reliable lighting solution with a high lumen output. One of our key focuses throughout was to light the colourful merchandise Pets Corner have in stores in order to attract and entice customers to make a purchase. The end results looks great and having dealt directly with the clients throughout I know they love it. It truly is a flexible and functional installation that delivers an eye-catching result.”

Find out more about Pets Corner: Pets Corner



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