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ŠKODA, Doncaster, UK

Project Brief

Founded in 1895 ŠKODA is one of the world’s most recognisable and oldest car manufacturers, with over 100 years of production. 

Doncaster ŠKODA saw an opportunity to replace it's outdated lighting when it was recently refurbished, incorporating a more aesthetically pleasing solution.

ŠKODA, Doncaster, UK


The solution was the Illuma Framelight MH downlight range. This classic Metal Halide accent lighting solution was the perfect fit for the brand and it's showroom, due to it fully adjustable ±45° pivot on two axes and linear characteritics.

ŠKODA, Doncaster, UK

Flexible lighting was high on the agenda when it came to refurbishing the Doncaster showroom in order to adapt to the ever changing car displays.

ŠKODA, Doncaster, UK

Martin Perry, Manager of Doncaster ŠKODA, said:

" The store looks great, the cars are now selling direct from the showroom because the colours look so great thanks to the new Illuma lighting." 

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