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With reference to the Building Regulations (Approved Document B) and BS476 / There is no standard specifically for the testing of recessed luminaires and their ability to prevent the spread of fire through a ceiling.

BS476 defines fire testing that may be carried on building materials and structures. It has a number of parts. The two parts relevant to testing ceilings materials are part 21 and 23, load bearing ceilings and suspended ceilings respectively:

Pub Id : BS 476-21:1987

Title : Fire tests on building materials and structures. Methods for determination of the fire resistance of load bearing elements of construction.

Description: Detailed test requirements for beams, columns, floors and flat roofs, and walls.

Pub Id : BS 476-23:1987

Title: Fire tests on building materials and structures. Methods for determination of the contribution of components to the fire resistance of a structure.

Description: Detailed test requirements for the contribution made by suspended ceilings to beams and by intumescent seals to doorsets and shutter assemblies.

These standards are intended for the testing of ceiling structures and the materials they are constructed from as a whole. If a recessed luminaire is installed into established compliant ceiling material which, as a structure, still passes the test requirement once installed, then it has been demonstrated that they are of no detriment to the fire rating of the ceiling materials and that the integrity of the ceiling is thus maintained.

Installers of recessed downlights will need to comply with the Building Regulations (approved document B). This document defines what fire ratings are required between floors or fire partitions in a particular building. If a ceiling is indeed a fire partition (not all necessarily are), and a hole is made in it for a recessed downlight, then the fire rating will need to be re-instated using either a fire rated recessed downlight, a fire hood / cover or a box cover built from material from which the ceiling is constructed.

Illuma are able to supply the Proseal F that is a certified LED downlight that enables a ceiling material to
BS 476-21:1987 to be reinstated to 90 minutes fire rating.