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Proseal F LED: IP65 Fire rated, miniature, diecast aluminium downlight ideal for wet and humid environments, such as hotel showers and bathrooms, kitchens, exterior soffits and applications where a fire rating is required.

  • Proseal F LED
  • Proseal F LED
More Info
  • Fire rated for 90 minutes (BS 476-21)
  • IP65 rated
  • Excellent colour rendering ≥ 85 CRI
  • Tension springs provide quick installation
  • Dimmable & Emergency options available
  • Lower energy costs and reduced maintenance
  • LED Leading Edge/Trailing Edge LED dimmers only.
  • Refer to the Support section for further fire rated information.
  • Dimming LED systems are complex. Please check compatibility of dimmer with the dimmer manufacturer before purchase.
  • Other dimmable options may be available upon request.
  • Refer to the Support section for further dimming information.
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No.Product CodeBeam Angle(°)Colour TemperatureDimmabilityEmergencyDownloads
1D181024-WH/DD/827 24Extra Warm WhiteDALI Dimmable-IESLDTPDF
2D181024-WH/DD/830 24Warm WhiteDALI Dimmable-IESLDTPDF
3D181024-WH/DD/840 24Neutral WhiteDALI Dimmable-IESLDTPDF
4D181038-WH/DD/827 38Extra Warm WhiteDALI Dimmable-IESLDTPDF
5D181038-WH/DD/830 38Warm WhiteDALI Dimmable-IESLDTPDF
6D181038-WH/DD/840 38Neutral WhiteDALI Dimmable-IESLDTPDF
7D181024-WH/DL/E/827 24Extra Warm WhiteLeading/Trailing Edge DimmableEmergencyIESLDTPDF
8D181024-WH/DL/E/830 24Warm WhiteLeading/Trailing Edge DimmableEmergencyIESLDTPDF
9D181024-WH/DL/E/840 24Neutral WhiteLeading/Trailing Edge DimmableEmergencyIESLDTPDF
10D181038-WH/DL/E/827 38Extra Warm WhiteLeading/Trailing Edge DimmableEmergencyIESLDTPDF
11D181038-WH/DL/E/830 38Warm WhiteLeading/Trailing Edge DimmableEmergencyIESLDTPDF
12D181038-WH/DL/E/840 38Neutral WhiteLeading/Trailing Edge DimmableEmergencyIESLDTPDF
13D181024-WH/DD/E/827 24Extra Warm WhiteDALI DimmableEmergencyIESLDTPDF
14D181024-WH/DD/E/830 24Warm WhiteDALI DimmableEmergencyIESLDTPDF
15D181024-WH/DD/E/840 24Neutral WhiteDALI DimmableEmergencyIESLDTPDF
16D181038-WH/DD/E/827 38Extra Warm WhiteDALI DimmableEmergencyIESLDTPDF
17D181038-WH/DD/E/830 38Warm WhiteDALI DimmableEmergencyIESLDTPDF
18D181038-WH/DD/E/840 38Neutral WhiteDALI DimmableEmergencyIESLDTPDF
19D181024-WH/DL/827 24Extra Warm WhiteLeading/Trailing Edge Dimmable-IESLDTPDF
20D181024-WH/DL/830 24Warm WhiteLeading/Trailing Edge Dimmable-IESLDTPDF
21D181024-WH/DL/840 24Neutral WhiteLeading/Trailing Edge Dimmable-IESLDTPDF
22D181038-WH/DL/827 38Extra Warm WhiteLeading/Trailing Edge Dimmable-IESLDTPDF
23D181038-WH/DL/830 38Warm WhiteLeading/Trailing Edge Dimmable-IESLDTPDF
24D181038-WH/DL/840 38Neutral WhiteLeading/Trailing Edge Dimmable-IESLDTPDF

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