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LED Drivers & Power Supplies: Remote LED constant voltage (24VDC) and constant current (350mA & 700mA) for the Illuma ranges of LED products.

  • LED Drivers & Power Supplies
  • LED Drivers & Power Supplies
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No.Product CodeProduct NameVoltage(V)Size(mm)Weight(kg)Downloads
1LEDPSU12020 Electronic Power Supply, 20VA, 20W Max, Constant Voltage12VDC20 x 50 x 1450.13PDF
2LEDPSU24020 Electronic Power Supply, 20VA, 1-20W, Constant Voltage24VDC14 x 50 x 1540.12PDF
3LEDPSU24060 Electronic Power Supply, 60VA, 20-60W, Constant Voltage24VDC30 x 77 x 1740.35PDF
4LEDPSU24100 Electronic Power Supply, 100VA, 50-100W, Constant Voltage24VDC155 x 60 x 350.35PDF
5LEDPSU24240 Electronic Power Supply, 240VA, 120-240W, Constant Voltage24VDC--PDF
6PSL03350 Electronic Power Supply, 3VA, 1-3W, Constant Current350mA20 x 39 x 550.03PDF
7PSL08350 Electronic Power Supply, 8VA, 1-8W, Constant Current350mA21 x 35 x 620.35PDF
8PSL18350 Electronic Power Supply, 18VA, 10-18W, Constant Current350mA31 x 67 x 1530.3PDF
9PSL20350 Electronic Power Supply, 20VA, 9-20W, Constant Current350mA19 x 45 x 1230.69PDF
10PSL08700 Electronic Power Supply, 8VA, 1-8W, Constant Current700mA21 x 35 x 620.35PDF
11PSL12700 Electronic Power Supply, 12VA, 6-12W, Constant Current700mA30 x 39 x 1680.12PDF
12PSL18700 Electronic Power Supply, 18VA, 10-18W, Constant Current700mA31 x 67 x 1530.3PDF
13PSL20700 Electronic Power Supply, 20VA, 9-20W, Constant Current700mA19 x 45 x 1230.69PDF
14PSE2350(1000) 350mA 2 way extension (1000mm lead)350mA12 x 12 x 440.01PDF
15PSE6350(1000) 350mA 6 way extension (1000mm lead) c/w 3 x PSP350350mA11 x 32 x 440.02PDF
16PSE2700(1000) 700mA 2 way extension (1000mm lead)700mA12 x 12 x 440.01PDF
17PSE6700(1000) 700mA 6 way extension (1000mm lead) c/w 3 x PSP700700mA11 x 32 x 440.02PDF
18PSP350 Close-loop plug350mA--PDF
19PSP700 Close-loop plug700mA--PDF

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