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In the vast majority of instances spotlights are mounted on a horizontal plane i.e. on a ceiling. Mounting a spotlight on a vertical surface (e.g. a wall) can therefore present difficulties that need to be understood & measures taken to ensure expectations can be met.

The heavier a spotlight is and the further away from the wall that its weight acts, the more leverage there is on the mounting. This not only puts extra strain onto the spotlight parts (adaptor, surface plate, connections) but also has implication on the fixings into the wall (screws and bolts that may hold a length of track or surface plates onto the wall).

Weight Considerations

Illuma check the weight of their spotlights and by multiplying by the distance to the centre of gravity of the spotlight enables the moment force acting on the joint to be determined. If this exceeds 2.5Nm, then the product is deemed not suitable for surface mounting. A force greater than 2.5Nm places too much strain on the screws and adaptor parts for a safe and reliable installation. Additionally, if the spotlights are fixed to track, then the moment force is increased by the number of fixtures on the track and will present the installer with concerns as to how to safely secure the track to the wall.

Holding Position

A further consideration is whether or not the spotlight will maintain its position once fitted. Gravity will act in a different direction relative to the spotlight when mounted on the wall as opposed to on a ceiling and so may move under its own weight or vibration. This may occur with respect to rotation as well as tilt angle. Asymmetric spotlights or spotlights with stems positioned at one end of the spotlight body are prone to such issues unless measures are taken to stiffen or fix joints.

How Illuma can help

  • Most of the Illuma spotlights range can be wall mounted with no issues.
  • Where a spotlight cannot be mounted on a wall / vertically, then this is highlighted within the product range pages.
  • Where special amendments can be made to the product to enable it to be mounted on a wall / vertically mounted, then the suffix /V should be added to the part code as mentioned in the appropriate product range pages.

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