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The following table provides generic data on the popular lamp types that have historically been used both within the Illuma product ranges and also within the lighting industry in general. Many of these lamps are now being replaced by luminaires with their own integral LED and so a lamp is no longer required. We have reproduced this lamp table here by way of comparison to the light output of the integral LED luminaires detailed within the pages of this catalogue. LED luminaire characteristics including lumen output, beam angle, power consumption and colour temperatures are detailed in the relevant pages of the associated luminaire.

Colour Rendering Index (Ra)

A measure of the light source’s ability to render the colours of objects as similar to those under a reference light source.

Colour Temperature

A descriptive term for the appearance of light expressed in Kelvin.
2700K - Extra Warm White, 3000K - Warm White,
4000K - Neutral White, 6000K - Pure White

Ra Group Typical Application
90-100 1A Where accurate colour rendering is required (colour matching)
80-89 1B Where good colour rendering is required (accurate colour judgements)
70-79 2A Where moderate to good colour rendering is required
60-69 2B Where moderate colour rendering is required
40-59 3 Where colour rendering is of little significance but marked distortion of colour is unacceptable
20-39 4 Where colour rendering is unimportant
  Lamp Wattage Lamp Cap Initial Lumens (IL) Efficiency lm/W Lamp Life Colour Temp. (K) Colour Rendering (Ra)
Incandescent PAR 16 (GU10) PAR 16 (GU10) 50 GU10 525 11 2000 2800 100
  PAR 20 PAR 20 50 E27 630 13 2000 2900 100
  PAR 30 PAR 30 75 E27 1050 14 2500 2900 100