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Ingress protection: Under EN 60529, all products are rated for their protection against ingress by solid objects & water.

The rating is expressed as a two-part IP number – for example IP67. The two numbers correspond to their protection level: the first number (between 1 and 6) refers to the level of protection from ingress by solid objects from 50mm diameter to dust; the second number (1 to 8) refers to the level of protection from harmful water ingress. The protection levels are defined in the following tables.

First Number
(protection level against solid objects)
  IP Defined Protection Level
  IP0X No protection
  IP1X Protects against foreign bodies down to 50mm diameter
  IP2X Protects against foreign bodies down to 12mm in diameter
  IP3X Protects against foreign bodies down to 2.5mm in diameter
  IP4X Protects against foreign bodies down to 1mm in diameter
IP5X IP5X Protects against harmful dust deposits - dust-proof
IP6X IP6X Protects against any entry of dust - dust-tight
Second Number
(protection level against water)
  IP Defined Protection Level
  IPX0 No protection
  IPX1 Protects against drops of water falling vertically. Limited ingress permitted.
IP2X IPX2 Protects from drops of water falling up to 15° from the vertical. Limited ingress permitted.
IP3X IPX3 Protects against water sprayed from up to 60° from the vertical - rain proof. Limited ingress.
IP4X IPX4 Protects from water splashed from all directions - splashproof.
IP5X IPX5 Protects from low-pressure jets of water from all directions - jet-proof.
IPX6 Protects against heavy seas or strong jets of water
IP7X IPX7 Protects against temporary immersion down to 1m - water-tight. Not for permanent immersion.
IP8X IPX8 Protects against permanent immersion at specified water depth - pressure water-tight.