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Emergency lighting automatically activates during an emergency situation when the mains power supply fails & as such, the normal lighting fails.

In such cases the emergency lighting, powered by batteries is required to provide enough light (not less than 0.5 lux) to enable all occupants to safely evacuate the premises. In the vast majority of cases the emergency lighting must be capable of providing this minimum level of lighting for at least 3 hours. The location and spacing of such lighting should be laid out according to the requirements of BS5266-1 by the lighting designer.
All emergency lighting should be tested according to the requirements of BS5266-8 on a regular basis (monthly and annually) and recorded to ensure their continued performance.

Illuma Lighting is able to provide a selection of emergency lighting solutions across the range to meet the needs of emergency lighting requirements.


Most of the recessed downlights can be supplied with integral emergency options providing a seamless solution, i.e. there being little noticeable difference between the standard or the emergency fitting apart from the green LED indicator. These are denoted within the main catalogue by the Emergency Symbol symbol.

Sign Lighting

The Emlux Sign range provides illuminated exit signs for use over doors, recessed into ceilings or surface mounted to identify the escape route during power failure.

Track Mounted

Spotlights are not available with emergency options because they are not fixed and as such may not always be aimed at the intended escape route. Illuma do however provide a track mountable emergency option (EMLUX2-NM3/AT/G3).


Alternatively, discrete, standalone LED emergency lighting from the Emlux Duo or Emlux Discrete may be preferred. They allow freedom to place emergency lighting in the correct position, without affecting the layout of the general lighting design.


Maintained emergency lighting will operate as a normal light and can be switched on and off along with other lighting. When the power fails this type of light will switch over to a battery supply and light will continue to be provided (normally at a lower lux or light level). Many of the Illuma recessed downlights and surface mounted lighting have a maintained emergency lighting option.


Non-Maintained emergency lighting, when the power is on, is not normally lit. Only when the power fails do the batteries that will have normally been on permanent charge cut in automatically and power the light. The Illuma Emlux Discrete and Emlux Sign lighting ranges are available as Non-maintained options.

Auto Test

Traditionally monthly and annual testing required time consuming manual intervention. Illuma now provide Auto Test options within its Emlux ranges.
These products carry out monthly and annual tests automatically reporting back any issues by way of green or red indicator LED’s. Please note that auto tests may occur at inconvenient times (e.g. in a hotel bedroom at night or in a theatre during a performance) and this should be considered before specifying the auto test option.

DALI Addressable:

DALI is commonly used to control light levels of a luminaire. However, it can also be used to communicate with emergency packs to either trigger a monthly / annual test, check battery levels, detect LED conditions etc. In such incidences the emergency pack itself needs to be "DALI addressable". Where a recessed downlight is specified to be DALI dimmable but also requires the emergency element to be DALI Addressable, then this must be made clear at the point of ordering as a specialised DALI addressable emergency pack will require fitting. The part code will be amended to include /DE as a suffix.

Product Standards:

BS EN 60598-1: 2015 Luminaires. General requirements and tests.
BS EN 60598-2-22:1998+A2:2014 Particular requirements. Luminaires for emergency lighting BS EN 62034:2006
Automatic test systems for battery powered emergency escape lighting.

System Standards

BS EN 1838:2013 / BS 5266-7:2013 Lighting applications – emergency lighting.
Specifies the illumination to be provided by emergency lighting (including luminance, duration and colour).
BS EN 50172:2004 / BS 5266-8:2004 Emergency escape lighting systems.
Specifies the minimum provision and testing of emergency lighting for different premises.