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Revolva LED: A slender, built in LED solution incorporating a slim line design for contemporary retail, leisure and commercial applications.

  • Revolva LED
  • Revolva LED
More Info
  • High output of 8,800 lumens
  • Diffusers rotate 150°
  • Suspended or 3-Circuit track options available
  • Dimmable options available
  • Even distribution on all surfaces
  • Lower energy costs and reduced maintenance
  • Suspensions not included with Revolva LED unit. Two suspension wires required per fitting (Suspended version).
  • c/w 3m power flex (Suspended version).
  • Dimming LED systems are complex. Please check compatibility of dimmer with the dimmer manufacturer before purchase.
  • Other dimmable options may be available on request.
  • Refer to the Support section for further dimming information.
  • Not suitable for vertical mounting.
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Revolva LED product selector

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No.Product CodeColour TemperatureTrack AdaptorDimmabilityDownloads
1RV288-AL/830 Warm White--IESLDTPDF
2RV288-AL/DD/830 Warm White-DALI DimmableIESLDTPDF
3RV288-AL/840 Neutral White--IESLDTPDF
4RV288-AL/DD/840 Neutral White-DALI DimmableIESLDTPDF
5RV288-AL/G3/830 Warm WhiteG3 - 3-Circuit Switched Track Adaptor-IESLDTPDF
6RV288-AL/GDD/830 Warm WhiteG3 - 3-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorDALI DimmableIESLDTPDF
7RV288-AL/G3/840 Neutral WhiteG3 - 3-Circuit Switched Track Adaptor-IESLDTPDF
8RV288-AL/GDD/840 Neutral WhiteG3 - 3-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorDALI DimmableIESLDTPDF

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