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Porsche Retailer Chooses Illuma

Paragon Porsche main foyer with Illuma Spira LED and Twizzle LED downlights, East Sussex, UK

Paragon Porsche is considered by many as one of the very best independent Porsche specialists in the UK. Set up in the south, the company has been growing in reputation and size ever since its opening in 1993, and is now commonly recognised as the biggest independent Porsche retailer in the country.

Paragon Porsche main foyer with Illuma Spira LED and Twizzle LED downlights, East Sussex, UK

At the start of this exciting project, Illuma was asked to propose a series of retail lighting designs for Paragon Porsche. The opportunity to work closely with such an exciting car retailer, and revamp their already impressive showroom, was certainly one that excited Illuma's Lighting Designers.

Illuma wanted to help upgrade Paragon Porsche's showroom retail LED lighting to show off their one-of-a-kind collection. To do this, the aim was to dramatically increase the lux levels in the main area of the showroom - particularly over the cars - to give them that extra sparkle and make the area feel brighter and more glamorous.

Finding the perfect solution.

When creating the final retail LED lighting setup for Paragon Porsche, Illuma used a combination of Spira LED downlights to highlight the car displays throughout the showroom; alongside Twizzle LED downlights to highlight the areas beneath the skylights.


A key consideration and crucial factor for Illuma's retail lighting designers was the clients desired lux levels. Spira LED Maxis were used to achieve this, which not only provided the showroom with consistent lighting and uniformity, but also a sense of luxury which is at the core of the car showroom. 

Left: Relux 3D View Prior To Installation     Right: Actual Installation

Illuma's unique Twizzle LED downlights were also used in the showroom, recessed beneath the skylights to make the ceiling more of a feature. By taking this approach, the luminaires dramatically increased the lux levels surrounding the rooves and bonnets of the cars.

One of the main features of the Twizzle LED downlight is its fully adjustable rotating body that provides a truly flexible lighting solution. In return, this gives the user the opportunity to play with the lighting direction of the luminaire and gives clients such as Paragon Porsche the freedom to constantly keep changing their shop floor layout whilst adapting their lighting to suit.

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