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NEW Illuma Product Comparison Goes Live!

Illuma are pleased to announce that their new product comparison feature is now live!

Specifying lighting is an important process and choosing the perfect lighting solution is essential.

At Illuma we thoroughly believe that good lighting stems from creating atmosphere and ambience alongside the practical application of light. Lighting should not just be seen as a functional solution but instead as an intrinsic part of the experience.

Illuma have developed a brand-new product comparison feature on the company’s website that allows customers to select products and then compare their specifications and features. 

Using Illuma's new product comparison feature:

1. To use Illuma's new product comparison feature simply go onto any product page and click the 'compare' button found underneath the product code.

See below:


2. Once you have selected the first product you would like to compare you will notice the 'Illuma Product Comparison' appear at the bottom of the page.

See below:


3. Four separate products from the same product type can be compared at one time. Comparing different product types is not permitted. For example, you cannot compare a spotlight to a downlight because they are two entirely different lighting solutions. However, you can compare multiple spotlights at the same time and similarly mulitple downlights.

See below:


4. Once you have selected all the products you would like to compare click the 'compare' button at the bottom of the page to view the product comparator.

See below:


For more information about our new product comparator :

Contact us at or call us on +44 (0)1332 818 200



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