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NEW! Gridspot LED Ranges Launch

Illuma announces the addition of three NEW products to the Gridspot LED range of spotlights, taking the range to over 330 lines in total. The introduction of the Gridspot LED Self Dim, Gridspot LED Anti Glare and Gridspot LED Self Dim / Anti Glare further strengthens Illuma's most successful range of spotlights to date, since launching earlier on this year. The Gridspot LED range now not only features the familiar standard spotlight but a self dimmable version, anti glare version and self dimmable anti glare version, offering a complete lighting solution whatever the application.

Get to know the range...

Gridspot LED - the standard Gridspot LED range. A flexible range of contemporary spotlights, ideal for retail, leisure and commercial applications. 


 VIEW Illuma's Gridspot LED range: Gridspot LED 


Gridspot LED Self Dim - the self dimmable Gridspot LED option. Ideal for ever changing environments where light levels need to be constantly monitored and adjusted. Perfect for galleries and museums.


 VIEW Illuma's NEW Gridspot LED Self Dim range: Gridspot LED Self Dim


Gridspot LED Anti Glare - the anti glare Gridspot LED option. Ideal for multiple applications where increased glare protection is required.


 VIEW Illuma's NEW Gridspot LED Anti Glare range: Gridspot LED Anti Glare


Gridspot LED Self Dim / Anti Glare - the perfect all round lighting solution for applications that require a self dimmable, anti glare spotlight.


 VIEW Illuma's NEW Gridspot LED Self Dim / Anti Glare range: Gridspot LED Self Dim / Anti Glare



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