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Illuma's Highspot LED shortlisted for innovation award!

Illuma is excited to announce that its retail lighting Highspot LED spotlight has been shortlisted for the Innovation Trail and Awards at Retail Design Expo and Retail Digital Signage Expo 2017!

Illuma's NEW Highspot LED will now feature in the Innovation Trail at Retail Design Expo and Retail Digital Signage Expo, and be highlighted on the ‘Winners Wall’ at the events. The overall winner will be announced on the first day of the shows (Monday 8 May) at 1.00pm at the Innovation Wall.

More about Illuma's Innovation Trail entry - Highspot LED...

Illuma's Highspot LED is a stylish retail spotlight for applications requiring high illumination. Ideal for specific highlighting and other forms of general commercial, leisure and retail lighting.

Illuma Highpot LED & demonstration

General retail lighting – especially wall washing – has been provided in the past by large fluorescent products or high intensity Metal Halide luminaries, the spread from both of them was hard to control. Illuma has taken a new approach to the requirement of wall washing and product illumination with its purpose designed Highspot LED retail spotlight. The optics have been specifically designed to supply very precise control of where the light is delivered on the surface, while affording very good glare control. The product can also be rotated 355° and the head angled 180°.

The optics on the Highspot LED retail spotlight have been designed asymmetrically to dispense maximum spread horizontally (Red), and directed vertical (Blue) illumination (see polar diagram left below). This distributes a uniform illumination along the vertical plane at a reduced distance (see right image below).

Illuma Highspot LED polar diagram

With this new design of optics the position of the Highspot LED can be brought in tight to the surface to be lit, therefore reducing any glare experienced by customers (see image below).

Illuma Highspot LED retail spotlight demonstration

The reduced mounting distance also makes the Highspot LED retail spotlight suitable for use in narrow shop windows. The product incorporates innovative thermal cooling, so no cooling fan is required despite its 4000lm output and compact design.

Current retail trends tend not to favour installing ceilings which means it is not always possible to find a good solution for lighting walls and wall displays. This can result in a very patchy lighting scheme that does not accentuate the products well. With Illuma's Highspot LED this is easily overcome as it is available with a variety of different mounting options.

Illuma’s Highspot LED retail spotlight offers a very flexible approach to retail lighting in both small and large areas. We guarantee that you won’t fully appreciate its capabilities until you see it in action.

 VIEW Illuma's NEW Highspot LED range: Highspot LED

Come along and see the Highspot LED for yourself...

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