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Damien Hirst's Other Criteria Choose Rotaspot LED

Founded by Damien Hirst, Other Criteria collaborates with both established and emerging artists to produce limited-edition prints, books and other artwork in a range of different media, including photographs, clothing, sculptural works and jewellery. Customers can purchase the wide range of artwork from either or from the Other Criteria stores based in the UK and New York.

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The objective for Other Criteria was clear from the start. To make modern art approachable and attractive. The collaboration between Other Criteria and the artists is all about working together to create artwork that they feel passionate about and what other people want to buy. Damien Hirst said ‘It’s a simple as walking into one of our shops or clicking through the website, and buying something there and then. It shouldn’t intimidate anyone’.

For Other Criteria and their artists, such bespoke works of art requires a passion and focus to always try and create something that is unique, interesting and of lasting quality. It’s vital therefore, that not only do they work with the best producers to develop lasting relationships but that their artwork is shown in the best environments. The Other Criteria London store recently underwent a refurbishment where it became apparent to Helen Leworthy – Retail Operations Manager at Other Criteria that they were desperately in need of a new flexible lighting solution that could be constantly adapted to suit the changing artwork. Lighting can dramatically affect the look and feel of an environment, so much so that the new Other Criteria, Newport Street, London, UK store's lighting was an important factor to consider before it re opened.

Finding the perfect solution.

Other Criteria already had an existing track system installed at the Newport Street store from their past lighting scheme, which was in full working order and to be the basis of any modifications.It was soon decided upon, by both the client and Illuma that a new LED lighting solution was the only way forward, due to the advances in LED technology and the benefits to using this light source over a fluorescent system. 

Illuma’s North London area representative - Jonathan Visser put forward several lighting proposals, exploring a range of possible solutions that could help Other Criteria achieve their desired effects. ‘We explored the benefits of using two of our most popular spotlights; the Rotaspot LED and Gridspot LED to see which would provide the correct accent lighting to add texture but at the same time be powerful enough to compliment and accentuate the artwork. Another area for consideration was the idea of providing a flexible lighting solution, whereby the spotlights could be moved and adjusted as displays change. After resolving an issue with the existing track, which resulted in us sourcing a bespoke track adaptor to fit onto our spotlights, thus allowing the client to keep their current track system it was decided that the Rotaspot LED due to its DALI dimmable functionality was to be the preferred spotlight of choice.’ – Jonathan Visser, Lighting Sales Executive at Illuma said.

/media/news/library/other-criteria---damien-hirst--rotaspot-0.jpgAll the artworks © the artists

The installed lighting layout is relatively simple. 16 x Rotaspot LED’s have been used to populate the store's ceiling, fixing onto the store's existing track. The spotlights are specifically positioned to ensure that individual pieces of artwork are highlighted and extenuated using a Warm White LED colour temperature.

/media/news/library/other-criteria---damien-hirst--rotaspot-5.jpgAll the artworks © the artists

The aesthetical appearance of the white Rotaspot LED was deemed a perfect fit for the brand along with its technical performance and DALI dimmable capabilities.  

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