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Torp MH: A distinct range of metal halide spotlights, ideal for accent lighting in retail, leisure and commercial environments.

  • Torp MH
  • Torp MH
  • Torp MH
  • Torp MH
  • Torp MH
  • Torp MH
More Info
  • Supplied complete with lamp
  • Front ring removes for lamp changing
  • Supplied with safety glass
  • Range of beam angles and wattages available


  • Not suitable for vertical mounting.
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No.Product CodeLamp TypeWattage(W)Beam Angle(°)Body ColourTrack AdaptorDownloads
1THQK303510-WH/S/L CDM-T35W10WhiteS - 1-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
2THQK303510-BL/S/L CDM-T35W10BlackS - 1-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
3THQK303510-SG/S/L CDM-T35W10Silver GreyS - 1-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
4THQK303524-WH/S/L CDM-T35W24WhiteS - 1-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
5THQK303524-BL/S/L CDM-T35W24BlackS - 1-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
6THQK303524-SG/S/L CDM-T35W24Silver GreyS - 1-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
7THQK303545-WH/S/L CDM-T35W45WhiteS - 1-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
8THQK303545-BL/S/L CDM-T35W45BlackS - 1-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
9THQK303545-SG/S/L CDM-T35W45Silver GreyS - 1-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
10THQK303510-WH/G3/L CDM-T35W10WhiteG3 - 3-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
11THQK303510-BL/G3/L CDM-T35W10BlackG3 - 3-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
12THQK303510-SG/G3/L CDM-T35W10Silver GreyG3 - 3-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
13THQK303524-WH/G3/L CDM-T35W24WhiteG3 - 3-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
14THQK303524-BL/G3/L CDM-T35W24BlackG3 - 3-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
15THQK303524-SG/G3/L CDM-T35W24Silver GreyG3 - 3-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
16THQK303545-WH/G3/L CDM-T35W45WhiteG3 - 3-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
17THQK303545-BL/G3/L CDM-T35W45BlackG3 - 3-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
18THQK303545-SG/G3/L CDM-T35W45Silver GreyG3 - 3-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
19THQK303510-WH/G1/L CDM-T35W10WhiteG1 - 1-Circuit Multi Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
20THQK303510-BL/G1/L CDM-T35W10BlackG1 - 1-Circuit Multi Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
21THQK303510-SG/G1/L CDM-T35W10Silver GreyG1 - 1-Circuit Multi Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
22THQK303524-WH/G1/L CDM-T35W24WhiteG1 - 1-Circuit Multi Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
23THQK303524-BL/G1/L CDM-T35W24BlackG1 - 1-Circuit Multi Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
24THQK303524-SG/G1/L CDM-T35W24Silver GreyG1 - 1-Circuit Multi Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
25THQK303545-WH/G1/L CDM-T35W45WhiteG1 - 1-Circuit Multi Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
26THQK303545-BL/G1/L CDM-T35W45BlackG1 - 1-Circuit Multi Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
27THQK303545-SG/G1/L CDM-T35W45Silver GreyG1 - 1-Circuit Multi Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
28THQK403510-WH/L CDM-T35W10WhiteSurface - Surface Mounting PlateIESLDTPDF
29THQK403510-BL/L CDM-T35W10BlackSurface - Surface Mounting PlateIESLDTPDF
30THQK403510-SG/L CDM-T35W10Silver GreySurface - Surface Mounting PlateIESLDTPDF
31THQK403524-WH/L CDM-T35W24WhiteSurface - Surface Mounting PlateIESLDTPDF
32THQK403524-BL/L CDM-T35W24BlackSurface - Surface Mounting PlateIESLDTPDF
33THQK403524-SG/L CDM-T35W24Silver GreySurface - Surface Mounting PlateIESLDTPDF
34THQK403545-WH/L CDM-T35W45WhiteSurface - Surface Mounting PlateIESLDTPDF
35THQK403545-BL/L CDM-T35W45BlackSurface - Surface Mounting PlateIESLDTPDF
36THQK403545-SG/L CDM-T35W45Silver GreySurface - Surface Mounting PlateIESLDTPDF
37THQK307010-WH/S/L CDM-T70W10WhiteS - 1-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
38THQK307010-BL/S/L CDM-T70W10BlackS - 1-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
39THQK307010-SG/S/L CDM-T70W10Silver GreyS - 1-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
40THQK307024-WH/S/L CDM-T70W24WhiteS - 1-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
41THQK307024-BL/S/L CDM-T70W24BlackS - 1-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
42THQK307024-SG/S/L CDM-T70W24Silver GreyS - 1-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
43THQK307045-WH/S/L CDM-T70W45WhiteS - 1-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
44THQK307045-BL/S/L CDM-T70W45BlackS - 1-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
45THQK307045-SG/S/L CDM-T70W45Silver GreyS - 1-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
46THQK307010-WH/G3/L CDM-T70W10WhiteG3 - 3-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
47THQK307010-BL/G3/L CDM-T70W10BlackG3 - 3-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
48THQK307010-SG/G3/L CDM-T70W10Silver GreyG3 - 3-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
49THQK307024-WH/G3/L CDM-T70W24WhiteG3 - 3-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
50THQK307024-BL/G3/L CDM-T70W24BlackG3 - 3-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
51THQK307024-SG/G3/L CDM-T70W24Silver GreyG3 - 3-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
52THQK307045-WH/G3/L CDM-T70W45WhiteG3 - 3-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
53THQK307045-BL/G3/L CDM-T70W45BlackG3 - 3-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
54THQK307045-SG/G3/L CDM-T70W45Silver GreyG3 - 3-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
55THQK307010-WH/G1/L CDM-T70W10WhiteG1 - 1-Circuit Multi Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
56THQK307010-BL/G1/L CDM-T70W10BlackG1 - 1-Circuit Multi Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
57THQK307010-SG/G1/L CDM-T70W10Silver GreyG1 - 1-Circuit Multi Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
58THQK307024-WH/G1/L CDM-T70W24WhiteG1 - 1-Circuit Multi Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
59THQK307024-BL/G1/L CDM-T70W24BlackG1 - 1-Circuit Multi Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
60THQK307024-SG/G1/L CDM-T70W24Silver GreyG1 - 1-Circuit Multi Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
61THQK307045-WH/G1/L CDM-T70W45WhiteG1 - 1-Circuit Multi Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
62THQK307045-BL/G1/L CDM-T70W45BlackG1 - 1-Circuit Multi Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
63THQK307045-SG/G1/L CDM-T70W45Silver GreyG1 - 1-Circuit Multi Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
64THQK407010-WH/L CDM-T70W10WhiteSurface - Surface Mounting PlateIESLDTPDF
65THQK407010-BL/L CDM-T70W10BlackSurface - Surface Mounting PlateIESLDTPDF
66THQK407010-SG/L CDM-T70W10Silver GreySurface - Surface Mounting PlateIESLDTPDF
67THQK407024-WH/L CDM-T70W24WhiteSurface - Surface Mounting PlateIESLDTPDF
68THQK407024-BL/L CDM-T70W24BlackSurface - Surface Mounting PlateIESLDTPDF
69THQK407024-SG/L CDM-T70W24Silver GreySurface - Surface Mounting PlateIESLDTPDF
70THQK407045-WH/L CDM-T70W45WhiteSurface - Surface Mounting PlateIESLDTPDF
71THQK407045-BL/L CDM-T70W45BlackSurface - Surface Mounting PlateIESLDTPDF
72THQK407045-SG/L CDM-T70W45Silver GreySurface - Surface Mounting PlateIESLDTPDF

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