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Floodline HO: T5 wallwasher with compact profile, high output and excellent colour rendering. Ideal for even illumination of vertical surfaces and displays.

  • Floodline HO
  • Floodline HO
  • Floodline HO
  • Floodline HO
More Info
  • Wide, uniform beam for optimum light output
  • Rotates through 90º in both directions
  • Spring-loaded lamp holders with 90º rotary lock
  • Louvre easily removed for lamp replacement
  • Compact design
  • Suitable for vertical mounting.
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No.Product CodeLamp TypeWattage(W)Body ColourTrack AdaptorDownloads
1T37T2X24-WH/S T52x24WWhiteS - 1-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
2T37T2X24-BL/S T52x24WBlackS - 1-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
3T37T2X39-WH/S T52x39WWhiteS - 1-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
4T37T2X24-WH/G3 T52x24WWhiteG3 - 3-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
5T37T2X24-BL/G3 T52x24WBlackG3 - 3-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
6T37T2X24-WH/G1 T52x24WWhiteG1 - 1-Circuit Multi Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
7T37T2X24-BL/G1 T52x24WBlackG1 - 1-Circuit Multi Track AdaptorIESLDTPDF
8T47T2X24-WH T52x24WWhiteSurface - Surface Mounting PlateIESLDTPDF
9T47T2X24-BL T52x24WBlackSurface - Surface Mounting PlateIESLDTPDF

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