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Electrospot: A timeless design for use on mains track or surface mounting. Ideal for highlighting in retail, leisure and commercial environments.

  • Electrospot
  • Electrospot
More Info
  • Short circuit and thermal overload protection
  • Integrated GU5.3 lamp retaining spring
  • Anti Glare Ring twists off for lamp change
  • Self dimming options available
  • Suitable for use with most types of good quality dimmers, including Leading and Trailing Edge dimmers.
  • There may be an increase in transformer noise when dimming.
  • If selecting your own retrofit LED lamp, please check compatibility with spotlight and dimmer prior to purchase.
  • Suitable for vertical mounting.
  • Please refer to the Support section for further dimming information.
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No.Product CodeBody ColourTrack AdaptorDimmabilityPendant Stem Length(mm)Downloads
1TH365X-SG/S Silver GreyS - 1-Circuit Switched Track Adaptor--IESLDTPDF
2TH365X-SG/G3 Silver GreyG3 - 3-Circuit Switched Track Adaptor--IESLDTPDF
3TH365X-SG/G1 Silver GreyG1 - 1-Circuit Multi Track Adaptor--IESLDTPDF
4TH465X-SG Silver GreySurface - Surface Mounting Plate--IESLDTPDF
5THP365X-SG(300)/S Silver GreyS - 1-Circuit Switched Track Adaptor-300IESLDTPDF
6THP365X-SG(500)/S Silver GreyS - 1-Circuit Switched Track Adaptor-500IESLDTPDF
7THP365X-SG(1000)/S Silver GreyS - 1-Circuit Switched Track Adaptor-1000IESLDTPDF
8THP365X-SG(300)/G3 Silver GreyG3 - 3-Circuit Switched Track Adaptor-300IESLDTPDF
9THP365X-SG(500)/G3 Silver GreyG3 - 3-Circuit Switched Track Adaptor-500IESLDTPDF
10THP365X-SG(1000)/G3 Silver GreyG3 - 3-Circuit Switched Track Adaptor-1000IESLDTPDF
11THP365X-SG(300)/G1 Silver GreyG1 - 1-Circuit Multi Track Adaptor-300IESLDTPDF
12THP365X-SG(500)/G1 Silver GreyG1 - 1-Circuit Multi Track Adaptor-500IESLDTPDF
13THP365X-SG(1000)/G1 Silver GreyG1 - 1-Circuit Multi Track Adaptor-1000IESLDTPDF
14THP465X-SG(300) Silver GreySurface - Surface Mounting Plate-300IESLDTPDF
15THP465X-SG(500) Silver GreySurface - Surface Mounting Plate-500IESLDTPDF
16THP465X-SG(1000) Silver GreySurface - Surface Mounting Plate-1000IESLDTPDF
17TH365X-SG/SD/S Silver GreyS - 1-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorSelf Dimmable-IESLDTPDF
18TH365X-SG/SD/G3 Silver GreyG3 - 3-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorSelf Dimmable-IESLDTPDF
19TH365X-SG/SD/G1 Silver GreyG1 - 1-Circuit Multi Track AdaptorSelf Dimmable-IESLDTPDF
20TH465X-SG/SD Silver GreySurface - Surface Mounting PlateSelf Dimmable-IESLDTPDF
21THP365X-SG(300)/SD/S Silver GreyS - 1-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorSelf Dimmable300IESLDTPDF
22THP365X-SG(500)/SD/S Silver GreyS - 1-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorSelf Dimmable500IESLDTPDF
23THP365X-SG(1000)/SD/S Silver GreyS - 1-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorSelf Dimmable1000IESLDTPDF
24THP365X-SG(300)/SD/G3 Silver GreyG3 - 3-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorSelf Dimmable300IESLDTPDF
25THP365X-SG(500)/SD/G3 Silver GreyG3 - 3-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorSelf Dimmable500IESLDTPDF
26THP365X-SG(1000)/SD/G3 Silver GreyG3 - 3-Circuit Switched Track AdaptorSelf Dimmable1000IESLDTPDF
27THP365X-SG(300)/SD/G1 Silver GreyG1 - 1-Circuit Multi Track AdaptorSelf Dimmable300IESLDTPDF
28THP365X-SG(500)/SD/G1 Silver GreyG1 - 1-Circuit Multi Track AdaptorSelf Dimmable500IESLDTPDF
29THP365X-SG(1000)/SD/G1 Silver GreyG1 - 1-Circuit Multi Track AdaptorSelf Dimmable1000IESLDTPDF
30THP465X-SG(300)/SD Silver GreySurface - Surface Mounting PlateSelf Dimmable300IESLDTPDF
31THP465X-SG(500)/SD Silver GreySurface - Surface Mounting PlateSelf Dimmable500IESLDTPDF
32THP465X-SG(1000)/SD Silver GreySurface - Surface Mounting PlateSelf Dimmable1000IESLDTPDF

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