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Sustainability is not our goal to be reached but our way of thinking.

The need to be more eco-friendly has become a key driver for sustainability in the lighting industry. Intelligent usage of technological development, design and planning are the elements that will help to make a difference.

The essential steps we follow to be sustainable are:

1. Products: 
We ensure that all our lighting products comply with the relevant EU Commission Directives and UK Regulations.

2. Quality Assurance: 
We design, test and manufacture our products in accordance with EN Safety Standards. All products have a 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

3. Marking:
We provide CE marking for all our products for the free movement of goods within the EU.

4. Documentation: 
We hold data files on all our products that include all initiation briefings, drawings, test and manufacturing reports, sales statistics and quality reports to enable internal and external auditing of our product creation process.

5. Components:
We have a demanding vendor assessment scheme which assures quality and conformance to the relevant standards.

6. Data: 
We provide photometric data for all Illuma products to ensure that lighting schemes can be designed with ease to achieve CIBSE and Emergency lighting regulations.

7. Service: 
We deliver stock item orders on a next day basis where possible. Our current performance figure is 97%. We design our products to enable quick and easy installation to reduce time and cost.

8. Recycling:
We work closely with our suppliers to minimize material usage and to achieve optimal use of components.

9. Waste management:
We are members of Ecosurety, the leading producer responsibility compliance scheme making a positive impact on UK recycling. Ecosurety Our manufacturing facility operates a material and packaging waste recovery scheme.

10. Distribution:
We locate our stock in a fully automated warehouse centrally located to reduce road transport costs.

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